Ladies Swim Class

Ladies , listen up. We understand that some of our lady friends may require more private swimming lessons or would be more comfortable with having a female instructor. Look no further as we offer that service as well. It is also better for any woman who is interested in swimming lessons to look into female instructors.

Simply indicate your preference while signing up and we will make all necessary arrangements. After all, there is the ability for a female instructor to work with a woman’s body in mind. The body of the average woman is radically different from the body of an average man. In fact the body fat that a woman will need to have to be a successful swimmer can actually be twice as much as what a male will need for success in the water. In fact female swimming instructors can offer information on women of all sorts about swimming including women who are pregnant.

When a woman learns about swimming from another woman it will be easier for her to learn how to swim because of how the strokes and patterns in swimming that will be used are ones that can be easier for her body to duplicate. Our female swimming instructors uses swimming teaching system to ensure your success. Each lesson are designed to offer an individual style program. You can put your fears aside as our highly trained instructors gently ease you in and around the pool at your own pace. Each level has an outline of what can be covered.