Lifeguard Course Singapore – Here’s Why You Should Go For It?

Being a lifeguard is one of the early career opportunities as a mature teen and SwimSafer lifesaving course Singapore teaches you everything to become a proficient one. Every day, a number of events happen that result in serious injury. Hence, becoming a proficient lifeguard is a sense of heroic and gives you a reason to live. In addition to all this, leading your life as a lifeguard is also a lucrative career opportunity.  In SwimSafer lifeguard course, you’ll go through a lifesaving 1,2 & 3 followed by Bronze Medallion and CPR Certification courses. Once you complete the bronze medallion stage, you’ll be considered a certified lifeguard. It’s up to you whether you wish to move upward or not.

Why You Should Go For It? – Lifesaving Course in Singapore

Not just one, but there are plenty of reasons to consider the lifeguard/lifesaving program. Other than being a lucrative career, it is a profile that will inspire you every day. Seeing the fact that the number of swimming institutes is increasing day-by-day and highly skilled swimmers are required at the seashore, a certified lifeguard is certainly lucrative and life-changing.

#1 The Leadership Skill You Learn Stays with You for Lifetime. A lifesaving course is more like a step toward your personal growth. After the course, you become responsible, alert and assertive, and you embrace a good change.

#2 You Become Legible To Handle Unsafe Behavior. A skilled lifeguard knows how to handle unsafe behavior, aggressive crowd & knows how to tackle potential threat or danger. All this allows you to make a more mature decision.

#3 You Become Proficient To Work In A Team. Lifeguards often work together and the lessons you learn in our program make you proficient to work in a team. Now and then you will land in a circumstance when you will have to work in a team and the cooperative training prepares you for real life scenario.

It all starts with the lifesaving 1 stage, where we start to build up water confidence and teach you basic water skills. You learn how to swim a basic stroke. Lifesaving 2 includes the introduction of basic CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. This stage also teaches you how to handle emergency situations. In lifesaving 3, you learn how to tread water without using your arms followed by an emergency rescue, underwater recovery techniques, and fully-clothed emergency rescue. The last stage is Bronze Medallion & CPR and to reach this point, you need to master lifesaving 1,2,3 and must be able to swim for at least 2000 meters.

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