Why Lifesaving Course Is Important for Professional Development? Find Out with SwimSafer

In the present day, lifeguards & instructors are high in demand and becoming a proficient swimmer can open the door to a range of employment opportunities such as fitness leader, beach lifeguarding, pool lifeguard, maintenance operator, school teacher, etc. Being a lifeguard is very different compared to other inland water professions. You have to be dedicated and robust enough to perform several lifesaving techniques if you aim to succeed as a lifeguard. Apparently you can’t buy experience or knowledge. Instead, you’ve to earn it with continuous practice and embracing skills. The world of a lifeguard is competitive, and you’ve to prove yourself as a skilled one to get the job. 

At SwimSafer, we conduct group swimming lessons and private swimming lesson, which moulds you into a veteran swimmer. SwimSafer’s lifesaving course in Singapore is being managed by a team of professional swimmers who understand the magnitude of ‘being a lifeguard’ and brings you a well-designed swimming program personalized to the individual goals.

Lifesaving Course is a Gateway to Become Certified Lifeguard

#1 You Gain Experience in Water – At SwimSafer, we aim to make you tough in every aspect which includes swimming, surfing, and lifesaving technique. You learn about CPR, emergency care and saving a person’s life.

#2 You Become Qualified – In order to become a certified lifeguard, we have categorized the lifesaving course as Lifesaving 1, 2, and 3; subsequently followed by Bronze Medallion and CPR Certification courses. After the completion of the Bronze Medallion, one can pursue even the next level, i.e. Bronze Cross, Award with Merit, and Lifesaving Teacher.

#3 You Become Competent To Guard and Rescue – The majority of clubs, organizations and institutes are looking for good swimmers. The training you gain at SwimSafer confers you the license to become a lifeguard.

Join Today To Get Qualified – SwimSafer provides you with the training, certification and skills you need to become a proficient lifeguard. To learn more about lifesaving courses in Singapore or any other swimming program, do stop by at www.swimsafer.sg.  

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