What Skills Are Required To Become Certified Swimming Lifeguard?

Today, many youngsters are enrolling in the SwimSafer lifesaving 123 course in Singapore to take up a lifeguard career, and if you are on the verge then you must know what it requires to become a skilled lifeguard.

The reasons why one should go for a lifeguard career is that the lifeguard has a stable job and pays well. But to succeed, you need to maintain health and physical fitness which sometimes keeps you out of your ordinary course of life. One needs to embrace consistency and patience in order to formulate an optimal career path.

You need to understand that lifeguard is a noble profession to save lives which requires your utmost dedication and enthusiasm. Hence you need to be mentally prepared by understanding the crucial skills to become a certified lifeguard. 

  • Physical Requirements, which requires your proficiency in full 300-yard swimming test, breaststroke, additional surface dives and swimming test with weight.
  • Water Rescue Training– This stage of the swimming lesson emphasizes rescuing a distressed swimmer and requires your capability for actual drowning victims.
  • Injury or wound stabilization– The technique is usually covered in SwimSafer lifeguard course Singapore and make you well-versed to deal with neck and back injuries, head and chin support for victims, etc.

Your Next Step Should Be To Get Qualified– At SwimSafer, we provide you the training to become a certified lifeguard and the core lifeguard training is characterized as Bronze Medallion and CPR Certification courses. The whole program is being managed by a team of professional swimmers which not only build up your water confidence but also gives you an introduction to CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Our lifeguard course is accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. To explore more about it, simply make your next stop at www.swimsafer.sg.  

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