Which Swimming Lessons in Singapore Should Your Child Consider After Basic Classes?

SwimSafer Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 swimming classes are designed in a way to provide you with confidence and independence in the water, but what should your child consider after clearing all the stages? Obviously, you will not stick at the same level, and it is also vital for your child to move forward to be better.

At SwimSafer, we understand your parenting nature and appreciate your enthusiasm towards your child's physical development. That’s why we have introduced SwimSafer Bronze Award, SwimSafer Silver award, and SwimSafer Gold Award. The lessons are conducted under professional guidance and emphasize various swimming skills. The sole motto is to make your child proficient in performing survival & stroke and does make him/her emotionally & physically ready for swimming. The benefits of our swimming award levels are:

#1 You Learn Varied Entry and Exit Technique – In Bronze, you learn compact jump, in silver you demonstrate a dive entry, and in gold award, you demonstrate a standing dive.

#2 You learn Sculling & Body Orientation – Sculling is a hand technique to feel the water by focusing on the pitch of the hand. Among professional swimmers, you learn different sculling positions & body orientation.

#3 You Learn Underwater Skills – You receive training & practice with underwater skills in at least 1.4-meter-deep water where you learn to perform surface dive and swim through hoops for 2 meters(bronze), 3 meters(silver) and 5 meters(gold).  

#4 You Learn Movement & Strokes – Bronze, silver and gold award swimming classes not only teaches you how to sim continuously but several techniques too. You learn front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, survival backstroke, butterfly stroke.

#5 You Learn Rescue Skills –  The swimming program encourages individuals to attempt a rescue. This includes learning communication skills, rescue strokes and evades technique.   

#6 You Learn Essential Knowledge To Do It Right – Behavioral rules on/near water, water safety & knowledge, aquatic safety rules, emergency rescue, safety & survival.

To learn more about our SwimSafer Bronze Award, SwimSafer Silver Award and SwimSafer Gold Award, do stop by at www.swimsafer.sg.

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