SwimSafer Introduces An Impeccable Lifesaving Course in Singapore

Fitness is the thing to woo people, in contemporary context and swimming is how you do it! Less did we ponder over how swimming can extremely be useful at a critical time when a life could be in danger?

The lifeguard course and lifesaving course in Singapore have become quite popular after being introduced at the institute of SwimSafer. As a prudent parent, it becomes even essential for you to send your kids for the lessons, while even you begin to get trained for the life guard courses at SwimSafer in Singapore. The other salient factor of becoming an expert at these skills is that self prevention helps you avoid any accidents. These courses make you a pro at life saving, with its 4 A strategy, as you are made ‘Aware’ prepared for ‘Assement’; Trained for ‘Actions’ and finally given the knowledge on ‘Aftercare’.

To be able to perform aquatic rescue is not just another act you perform but something which makes you more aware and responsible as a citizen on this planet. With more than 70% of the earth’s surface covered with water, the danger of any such accident is lurking around the corner is quite often seen to happen at places where people go un prepared like vacations or holidays. A more often come across tragedy in such a situation is when no one is equipped with enough knowledge in order to save a life.

At SwimSafer, the learners undergo 3 stages of certified lifeguard training. Once a learner completes the bronze medallion, they are considered as a certified lifeguard. For those who want to be safe while swimming or around people who are not well trained at the sport, there are higher levels that they may consider. Bronze cross, award with merit and life saving teacher are the higher levels that one might enter for a life guard training program. Coaching for all age groups from toddlers to kids, teenagers to adult, is offered at SwimSafer.

Write to them at: admin@swimsafer.sg or simple og onto their website, www.swimsafer.sg, and explore through the wide range of specialties and programs the learning institute fosters as it is managed by the national water safety Council.

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