What Is Taught In ‘SwimSafer.SG’ Lifesaving Course Singapore?

Lifesaving Course has always been considered as the next-level veteran activity which requires your utmost mental and physical fitness. SwimSafer.SG, one of the leading swimming institutes in Singapore, is a highly renowned brand for lifesaving courses. Since the program is expertly managed by a team of professional people, one can learn numerous skills set.

About SwimSafer.SG Lifesaving Courses

The program is formulated with the sole motive to make you proficient and skilled enough to perform numerous aquatic rescues. With the right knowledge and enhanced ability, you’ll be able to save lives and uncover numerous lucrative options. At SwimSafer.SG, our lifesaving courses are categorized as Lifesaving 1, 2, & 3 followed by Bronze Medallion and CPR Certification courses. Some of the key highlights covered in the program are:

•    The program covers basic water skills, basic strokes, and deep water orientation.

•    It is managed in a way to improve your water confidence.

•    SwimSafer.SG Lifesaving Courses first teaches you 100-meter swimming, then 150 meters swimming and after that 200 meters swimming.

•    Most importantly, the classes are designed to make you proficient in rescue aftercare, contact tow, rescuing a submerged casualty and also swimming for 400 meters.

If you wish to know more about lifesaving courses and programs, do make your next stop at www.SwimSafer.sg. Our centre is a place where people come to become familiar with personal survival skills, surveillance, safety, and rescue techniques.

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