Terms and Conditions

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Conducting of Lessons

  1. Swimsafer.SG reserves the right to cancel or postpone swimming lessons in situations which will affect the usage of the pools (e.g. bad weather, pool closure, etc).
  2. In the event where the pool is closed in the midst of a lesson, the lesson will be deem to have to been conducted. Where applicable and appropriate, the coach may continue lesson in the form of land-drill exercises, educating on water safety theory, or a Q&A session.
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  4. Lessons may continue under drizzling rain conditions.

(For Infant / Toddler Classes)

  • Parent’s involvement is required for the lesson.

(For Kids’ Classes)

  • Students may be invited to participate in the SwimSafer assessment when he / she is deemed ready.
  • Parents will be responsible to register and pay for their test fee involved, if interested to participate in the assessment.
  • All kids will be required to purchase a swim cap, kickboard and other relevant equipment from Swimsafer.SG for the purposes of the lessons.


  1. All slots will be reserved for a period of 3 days upon indication of interest. Payment must be made within these 3 days in order to confirm the reserved slot.


  1. You may request for a refund by informing us at least 7 days before the start of, or up to 7 days after your payment is made (whichever is earlier).
  2. If the request for refund is made within less than 7 days upon the commencement of the first lesson, or after more than 7 days have lapse from the payment date, the refund amount will only be 50%.
  3. If the first lesson has commenced (regardless of attendance), there will strictly be no refund.

Scenario 1: Lesson is scheduled for 11th June and payment was made on 1st June. The FULL refund will only be made if the customer request is made by 4th June (7 days before the first lesson). If the request is made after 4th June, customer will only receive 50% of the total payment made.

Scenario 2: Lesson is scheduled for 25th June and payment was made on 1st June. The FULL refund will only be made if the customer request is made by 8th June (7 days after making the payment). If the request is made after 8th June, customer will only receive 50% of the total payment made.

Scenario 3: Lesson is scheduled for 7th June and payment was made on 1st June (less than 7 days before the first lesson). There will be no FULL refund available. If any request is made, customer will only receive 50% of the total payment made.

Scenario 4: Lesson is scheduled for 4th June and payment was made on 1st June. If the customer were to request for a refund anytime after 4th June, there will be strictly NO refund (no refund once lessons commence).


  1. Swimsafer.SG reserves the right to postpone the start date for up to 4 weeks if the class size does not meet the minimum requirement.
  2. Swimsafer.SG may also decide to merge classes should the class size falls below a certain number.
  3. If the allocated coach is unable to conduct the lesson on that day, Swimsafer.SG has the right to cancel (with the fees not chargeable), postpone, or send a relief swimming instructor instead.
  4. If the scheduled weekly class falls on a public holiday, it would be taken that the lesson had been conducted and there will be strictly no make-up or refund.


  1. There will be no make up lessons for absenteeism.
  2. The coaches have the right to request for:

(For Kids’ Classes)

  • In the case of temporary pool closure / bad weather, the coach will be on standby to continue the lesson when the pool is deemed safe for swimming.

(For Private Classes)

  • Postponement of classes, due to bad weather, will need to be communicated to the coaches at least 2 hours before the lessons.
  • Postponement of classes, due any other reasons, will need to be communicated to the coaches at least 1 day before the lessons.
  • The failure to inform in time may result in the relevant charges being applied.
  • The possibility of a make-up class due to postponement will be subjected to the coach’s availability.
  • All 4 lessons for a private class package must be completed within 6 weeks of the start date, or the remaining lessons may be forfeited. This includes the rescheduling of classes.


  1. Infants and Toddlers are required to wear swim diapers while in the pool.
  2. There may be a cleaning fee imposed if the pool is contaminated due to the Infant / Toddler.
  3. All parents and students should be appropriately dressed for pool-related activities.
  4. Students are required to prepare their own swimming equipment (e.g. swimming attire, goggles, float board, swim cap, etc) for lessons.


  1. Entrance fee to public pools will be borne by the the students (coaches will cover their own entrance fees).

(For Private Classes)

  • If your class is held at your condo’s pool, you will need to check with the management to see if there is any paper work that is required from our school to assist you with.
  • If there is any deposit required by the condo’s management, the amount will have to be borne by the student.
  • If there are any parking charges, the student will need to cover that amount.
  • For classes held in Sentosa Island, an additional charge of $40 will be imposed, per set of 4 lessons.


  1. Swimsafer.SG is not liable for any claims arising out of any injury, damage or loss of life while attending this course This also includes all costs, and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.