What Are the Requirements for Bronze Medallion Swimming Lesson in Singapore?

The lifeguard course in Singapore is at its peak and the majority of people are considering veteran level courses in order to become proficient in rescuing or saving the lives of others. Our Bronze Medallion in Singapore teaches lifesaving principles embodied in the four components such as judgement, knowledge, skill and fitness. Students learn how to tow and how to carry by also learning how to counter risky conditions such as conscious and unconscious victims. Other than all these, bronze medallion develops stroke efficiency and endurance in 100m, 200m or 500m swimming.

Seeing the fact that the majority of drowning accidents occur in places like rivers, beaches, dams and swimming pool, it becomes imperative to learn some lifesaving technique as you might never know when these skills become useful.

SwimSafer bronze medallion Singapore is recognized as the minimum standard for qualified lifeguards and the award eventually uncovers numerous employment opportunities in many pool & aquatic centers. The bronze level course enhances your personal survival skill and confers you the knowledge & skill to embrace the level of judgement, physical ability and technique.

Are there any pre-requisites? Enrolling for the full course bronze medallion doesn’t require any prior learning. But you have to meet the minimum age requirement and must encompass medium levels of aquatic fitness.

Training in Bronze Medallion Singapore

At SwimSafer, the bronze medallion swimming program gives emphasis to stroke techniques and coordinated breathing while swimming for 100 meters, followed by principles for watercraft safety and rescue & survival skills. The program further covers-

• Entry using a compact jump and the right way of exiting a pool.
• Sculling and Body Orientation.
• Learning underwater skills.
• Movement, swimming and strokes.
• Survival skills.
• Rescue Skills.
• And overall knowledge of safety, emergency, survival and rescuing knowledge.

Should You Go For It? Initially you might think of bronze medallion swimming course is meant for experienced and veteran personnel, but in reality, it’s all about breaking the stereotype and taking a step toward cardiovascular fitness & endurance, increasing upper & lower body strength and improving mental & physical fitness. Since the course provides participants with the skills and knowledge of patrolling & surf awareness, it will be a valuable decision of your life for sure. Let’s make it happen today. To gain a prudent insight into SwimSafer bronze medallion Singapore, do stop by at https://www.swimsafer.sg/.

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